Take your React application to global markets. Automatically.

Localize your app into any language with ease.

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Adiós, JSON files!

TacoTranslate streamlines the localization process of your product with automatic collection and translation of all the strings right within your React application code. Goodbye, tedious JSON file management. Hola, global reach!

+ New strings are automatically collected and sent to TacoTranslate.

import {Translate} from 'tacotranslate/react';

function Component() {
return (
<Translate string="Hello, world!"/>

New features? No problem!

Introducing new features to your product shouldn't hold you back. Our contextually aware, AI-powered translations ensure your product always supports the languages you need, without delay, freeing you to focus on growth and innovation.

+ Continuous delivery and instant localization, hand in hand.

Optimized for Next.js and beyond.

TacoTranslate was engineered to work especially well with the React framework Next.js, and we’re continually adding support for new features.

New! Next.js Pages Router implementation guide

+ TacoTranslate also works great with other frameworks!

Learn to love language requests.

With TacoTranslate you’ll add support for new languages at the click of a button. Select, TacoTranslate, and voila!

+ Ready to greet new markets in 2024?

Tailored to fit you.

We do more than just translate word-for-word. Powered by AI, TacoTranslate learns about your product, and continually improves all the translations you haven’t manually revised. We’ll ensure they are contextually accurate and fit your tone, enabling you to expand beyond language barriers.

+ Our AI continuously improves upon its translations.

Implement incrementally.

Integrate TacoTranslate into your application at your own pace. Enjoy the benefits of internationalization right away, without having to overhaul your entire codebase in one go.

+ Opting out, exporting data, and uninstalling is also painless.

Let developers code.

With TacoTranslate, developers no longer need to maintain translation files. Your strings are now accessible directly within the application code: Just edit, and we'll handle the rest!

+ More time for the fun stuff!

Translators welcome.

Improve any of the translations using our user-friendly interface, ensuring your message is conveyed precisely as intended.

+ Optional, but always at your disposal.

Reach globally.
Instantly. Automatically.

No credit card required.

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